Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kathryn & Jared's Sneak Peak Wedding Slideshow

We shot Jared & Kathryn's wedding this past Saturday, and it was beautiful!!  The bride and groom were beautiful and so obviously in love, her gown and veil were beautiful, and the day was beautiful!!!  It doesn't get much better that that!  Below is a link to their sneak peak slideshow. 

Several of our wedding collections include the sneak peak slideshow.  The slide show has 30-35 pictures from the wedding, that tell the story of their day,  and it  is ready for the bride and groom and their families and friends to view the day after their wedding!!   We pride ourselves on quick turn around for our wedding CDs (our goal is no more than 4 weeks), but our brides and grooms love the instant gratification that the sneak peak slideshow provides!! So check out Kathryn & Jared's Sneak Peak slideshow!!

Click for Kathryn & Jared's Sneak Peak Slideshow

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