Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Guest Blogger **Haleigh Boothe**

We can't thank Haleigh enough for doing a guest post for us today!!! She is truly an expert in her field and it's great that she took the time to blog for us today!

Finding the perfect look for your big day!

Often brides aren't sure what they want their hair and makeup to look like for their wedding day. I have put together some tips and information to help you decide what look will be best for you! Pictures, pictures, pictures! Look at magazines, photos, or the popular Pinterest and find hair and makeup styles that you like. Then you need to ask yourself these questions.

Does the girl in the photo have the same hair textures as me? Texture can play a big role in the way your hair looks when styled. For example, if your hair is coarse and the model's is fine, the end result will not look the same even if styled the same.

Do you have the same amount of hair as the model? If you have thin hair and the model has thick hair, the end result will not be the same. Look for pictures of people that have the same hair texture and density as you, to get a more realistic idea of how you will look.

Do the same for finding makeup styles you like. Find pictures of colors you like and take note on things you do not like. Also, I would recommend you set up a time with you stylist to try different things before the wedding. It allows time for you to ask the stylist any questions you may have. It also gives the stylist an idea of what you want so your wedding day will go smoothly. I hope these tips will help you on selecting your style for your big day!!

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