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Sunday, March 11, 2012


We have been asked by several brides in the past about doing boudoir photos to give to their fiancee on their wedding day. We were very hesitant about doing this type of photography because we live in the South and most people here are very conservative. However, after much debate we decided to offer this to our clients but in a very controlled way.

We don't want our client to feel uncomfortable in any way during the shoot. We make sure privacy is a premium during the shoot and afterwards. We will never post any of the images publicly that we shoot during a boudoir shoot unless you ask us to. We have found that most people love the pictures and post them on social media sites to show their friends.

We lay the images out in an album so our client can give them as a gift or to just simply keep for themselves. The album is stunning to say the least! The cover is made of crocodile that is dyed bright red and the interior is black velvet. We have a professional stylist do hair and makeup before the shoot and continue to do touch ups for the duration of the shoot.

We shot these images of Jennifer in our studio. She loved them and told us to use them on our website or blog so that we could show other girls a sample of what we do. (Again, we don't do this unless you specifically ask us to.) She posted a few of these on Facebook and the last I heard it was over 100 likes and comments and that was just the second day after she posted them.

As I mentioned earlier, we live in the South and OUR conservative views nearly kept us from doing this type shoot. We realize now that we were wrong about this and should of offered this earlier. Our clients LOVE these shoots and everyone that we have shot have asked to do another session.

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